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  1. Please delete my account

    Hello Fixoodle team,

    I would like to delete my account, but I don't know how to do it...


  2. It keeps freezing when I try to type in a post or a fix.

    When I try to create a post or make a fix, Fixoodle freezes after I type a few characters. All my ot...

  3. friend request

    Dear Fixoodle team

    I met a problem yesterday that I cannot approve a friend request.

    I receieved a fri...

    Admin reply

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for using the site. Sorry for the slow response to this. Did you solve the problem? It looks like you and jsmith are now friends.

    Fixoodle Team

  4. link buttons at the top of the page

    Hi Fixoodle team
    I can't surf the site properly because I don't have the link buttons at the top of t...

    Admin reply

    Hi, can you email with what browser you are using, what operating system you are using, and anything else you can think of -- we'll help you out.

  5. como cambio mi cuenta para que este en español

    How do you have to change the language of my account?

  6. No puedo entrar a mi perfil bien.

    no puedo entrar a mi perfil, siempre sale un mensaje que se encuentra escrito en rojo.
    I can not ente...

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