I am scared of a sweet bun 1
The four persons, who are Tarou, Hachigorou, Youske, Syouichi, was talking.
Tarou: "Everyone have scared things. Everyone bury one's umbilical cord in the ground and what first passed over there become the one's scared thing. Well, Hachigorou , what are you scared of?"
Hachigorou: "I am scared of worms."
Tarou:"That means a worm first passed over the ground in which your umbilical cord was buried. Yousuke, what are you scared of?"
Yousuke:"I am scared of mole crickets. They come out to claw through litters and attach thing like helmet on their heads. I hate them. Tarou, how about you?"
Tarou:"Me? I dislike centipede. If I had many legs like that, what should I do? I don't know how much it take a cost to buy shoes. I only don't want to be centipede. Syouichi, you have remained silent for quite a while, what is your scared thing?"
Syouichi:"Scared things? I don't have that. Human are king of animals. Human can't have scared things. I don't have scared things and hates."

I translated a famous comic story into English. Could you teach me?


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