I am scared of sweet buns 2
Tarou:"You are an aggravating guy because you aren't scared of anything. I think you have something of scared. How about snake?"

Syouichi:"Snake? Who is afraid of snakes? I sleep with it winding my head when I have a headache. I feel very good because it constricts my head nicely."

Tarou:"Then, how about lizard or gecko?"

Syouichi:"Lizard? Gecko? I ate them with vinegar. I ate even ants with salt but it is a little hard because of their a bit moving."

Tarou:"You are really an aggravating guy because you don't fear anything. Well, your scared thing may not be necessary animals or insects, so do you have something scared?"

Syouichi:"Then, I have. I am scared of sweet buns."

Tarou:"What! Sweet buns! Are they foods sold in stores?"

I translated a famous Japanese comic story into English. Could you help me?


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