I am scared of a sweet bun 3
Syouichi:"Yes, I am actually a spineless wimp. I fear sweet buns which everybody like. When I only see them, my heart begin to shiver. If I stay with them for a while, I may die. So I keep away from the stores which sell them. I have a hard time recently because the stores are increasing. Phew, I can't stand anymore because of recalling them. Can I lie?"

Syouichi fell to sleep. All that time, other three persons bought Syouichi many sweet buns as a surprise and put them next to his pillow.

Other three persons:"If he die in surprise, it isn't due to our but sweet buns."

Tarou:"I hear something. He may rise. Let's see delicately through the gap in the door."

Hachigorou:"Oh, my God! He is eating them in tears. He told a lie as he is scared of sweet buns, didn't he?"

Other three persons:"Hey, Syouichi. You told us a lie as you are scared of sweet buns! What a nice friend you are! What do you fear actually?"

Syouich:"Sorry, I am labored now because sweet buns lodge in my throat.


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