Some thought about the capability of a language(5)
Actually I found, just when I am running in this evening, my spirit world is built with the bricks of Chinese. No matter in class, in laboratory or in canteen, I think in Chinese. So when I am going to read or listen or speak English, I would feel a torrent of strong strangeness or I feel that I am unfamiliar with English.
Wittgenstein said that we can only keep mute when way are thinking something that cannot be presented by language. That means all the language around the world have limitation when presenting concepts. And, what's more, two different languages have different advantages when we are speaking or describing. Language A will surely can interpret some concept that language B cannot interpret. So when I want to speaking English while the thought filled inside my brain are based on Chinese, I will suffer.
To be continued……
24 - Oct. - 2017


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