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As in おかげさまで げんき です。

  • 88 months ago
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Thanks to you, I am fine.
Fortunately, I am fine.
  • 88 months ago
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Other Translations (2)
Thanks to you I am healthy or energetic
  • 88 months ago
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I'm fine, thanks.
Translator Comments:
"okage" means "thanks to", "sama" is an honorific form of the equivalent of "Mr" or "Mrs", and "de" means "through, due to, to". Put those three things together and it literally means, "Thanks to (because of) you, I'm fine." But that is over thinking it a bit, and it really just is a reply to the question "How are you" (O-genki desu ka). It is a rather formal reply, so it would be something you might say to an acquaintance, your elder, or in some other formal situation. It is only slightly less formal than "おかげさまで げんき です" In my experience people under 30 or 40 rarely if ever use this expression, though.
  • 88 months ago
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