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On the 12th of June Prime Minister Kan at a meeting with thought leaders in natural energy discussed his goal to increase energy production from reusable sources like wind and solar from the current 9% to 20% by early in the next decade. He said that if a "Natural Energy Agency" could be created, this could be accomplished in even less than 10 years.
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Kind of a tough translation, but interesting nonetheless. It is always hard to figure out where to cut up words since Japanese has no spaces: 20年代早期 is 20年代 早期, not 20年 代早期 ;-)
  • 112 months ago
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Prime Minister Naoto Kan, on June 12, showed his intention to consider setting up a new organization during his discussion with intellectuals and celebrities at a panel meeting of a natural energy, held at prime minister's official residence. The Prime Minister referred to a goal of raising the the parcentage of power generation using renewable sources including wind and solar power from the current rate of 9% to 20% in the early 2020s, as he stated, "if an organization such as the 'Natural Energy Promotion Agency' will be established, the goal can be achieved by some time earlier than even 10 years later. We will immediately explore the feasibility of creating a system across the office and ministries."
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