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How do you translate this into 日本語?

“When I am seeing an older patient, her bigger concern is what is happening to her skin; the clinician’s concern is what is happening to her bones,” Dr. Pal said. “ So part of the question was: Can I fine tune to the patient’s concern and get a sense of the bone health?”

  • 112 months ago
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Translator Comments:
To understand, you have to know the context: "The study found a significant inverse association between skin wrinkles and bone mineral density (BMD) in a population of women within 3 years of menopause who were not on any hormone therapy and who had not had any cosmetic skin procedures." Skin wrinkles = bad bone health.

Fine tune to = hone in on = focus on = study = look at = inspect

"fine tune to" is not typically used in this context (in writing) because it has the nuance of going through multiple iterations, with each one getting better and better. In this case, the doctor is probably just speaking and uses that word (when others might have been more appropriate).

A more common use of fine tune X to:

Engineers must fine tune the detectors to the frequency and wavelength of the x-ray emitters.

Speakers need to fine tune their speeches to meet the needs of their audience.
Writers fine tune their writing until a sentence is just right.
Google has worked hard on fine-tuning the way its search algorithm works.

Actually, if the doctor has said, "Can I tune in to the state of her skin" it would have made more sense.
  • 112 months ago
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I got it! Thank you very much! So, can I rephrase it like this? Can I fine tune to the patient’s concern and get a sense of the bone health? ↓ Can I get a sense of the bone health with inspecting the patient's skin?
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